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Meditations of the Goddess

Meditation is a spiritual method that has been used in many cultures throughout history. Meditation can be a form of prayer, visualization, an intention or an activity of conscious feeling. There are certain methods to do specific meditations, however it is important to incorporate meditation into one's personal lifestyle on a daily basis in order to heal and be more energetically balanced, and thus being a living embodiment of the goddess and god archetypes.


Meditation activates a double vortex within ones energy body, known as a toroidal field, which can expand the auric field. With daily meditation practice and balanced free will intent, the goddess presence anchors more through the energy body and so on the planet. Sisterhood of the Rose groups who gather together are able to use their shushumna energy channel , to receive the rays from the galactic central sun as well as light from our light family who assist us from above and below the surface of the planet.


This page has a list of meditations which can assist in the spiritual development and anchoring of the goddess energy within your life.